Magic Health Benefits Of Japanese Rice Flour - It's Naturally Gluten-Free!

Many people are now trying to decrease their wheat gluten intake for food sensitivity or weight loss. If you’re trying to cook with less gluten, then Japanese Rice Flour is a powerful gluten-free tool on hand. Also, these rice flour can bake cakes and bread as an alternative to wheat flour.

Overall, with high-quality protein, choline, and fiber, the benefits of Japanese rice flours are very rich in vitamins and minerals than the others. So you’re good to use it for an endless assortment of totally gluten-free treats!

Non-Gluten Gnocchi Minestrone

Non-Gluten Gnocchi Minestrone

Tina K

This Gnocchi Minestrone is pretty much the definition of comfort food! It was tasty and hearty yet still packed with healthy vegetables AND is gluten-free. I added cheese the last time I made the recipe. SO delicious and perfect for fall and winter!

Non-Gluten Baked Doughnuts

Non-Gluten Baked Donuts

Christine H

My husband loves making doughnuts but I hate to clean up the deep-frying mess—plus that’s not super healthy. Then I found this recipe!  These doughnuts are light and fast to make and I’m in love with the the cream cheese glaze. And since they’re gluten-free I don’t have to say no to doughnuts anymore!

Non-Gluten Gnocchi Minestrone

Non-Gluten Pancakes

Micheal E

When my doctor told me to eliminate wheat gluten, I thought my pancake-eating days were lover. Not so! The rice flour pancakes are light, fluffy and so easy to make and the savory options are something I never even thought of!