Rice flour for your family

All parents want their children to have the best and most nutritious diet available, and while there are many grains out there to choose from, rice flour is proving to be one of the healthiest and most economical choices. Here is a look at the popularity of rice flour, and a few unique benefits that rice flour has to offer a growing family.

The worldwide demand for rice flour has increased because of a higher consumer appetite for healthier flour from bakeries and ready-to-eat food manufacturers. A larger number of health-conscious consumers now expect pizzas, burgers, and other fast foods to contain healthy flour alternatives in the doughs. (Source)

Parents consider it a healthy alternative to wheat flours because it is gluten free, easy to use, has a lower oil absorbency, and can be easily substituted into many cuisines and adapted into family friendly recipes. Foods prepared with rice flour also often have a crispier, nutty sweetness that especially appeals to kids.

Children’s bodies need insoluble fiber to help rid themselves of waste, so if your child suffers from digestive issues, rice flours in particular may help. For gluten sensitive children, there is also the option of gluten-free products with a gluten content of less than 1 part per million. (Source)

By adding rice to recipes with nuts, legumes, and vegetables such as sweet potatoes, broccoli, and cauliflower, parents can be sure they are providing plenty of fiber in the most nutritious forms. (Source)

The amino acids found in rice flour are helpful for developing muscles and building ligaments and tendons in growing bodies. Ounce for ounce, rice flour is a high source of energy with a calorie content comparable to other flours. This makes it an ideal ingredient for foods to fuel high energy children that play all day.

Rice Flour contains the micronutrient choline that helps build healthy cell membranes throughout the body, and the removal of triglycerides and cholesterol from the liver. This is key for children to develop and maintain a good metabolism. It may also help prevent many diseases related to liver health including cancer. (Source)

While children’s bodies have a natural ability to fight disease, by incorporating rice flour into your meals you can help boost the amount of zinc in their diet. This nutrient aids the immune system in fighting off and lessening the duration of colds and other respiratory ailments. (Source)

Finally, food inflation is a world-wide concern, and availability of rice as a grain has fluctuated much less on the market than its wheat counterparts. So far rice production is still increasing with farms across the world reporting ample inventories and a large harvest forecasted for the fall. (Source)

No matter whether as a parent you choose to purchase or make your own rice flour, adding this fiber-rich, gluten free, and versatile ingredient to your family’s diet is a winning strategy for your health and your budget.