Started Research On The Practical Application Of Swallowing Adjusted Food Using Rice Flour

In May 2020, a research consortium consisting of national and public research institutes, universities, hospitals, flour milling companies, and swallowing food manufacturers was established, led by the National Center for Global Health and Medicine, and practical research for swallowing food began.
It is supported by the Research Program on Development of Innovative Technology, Bio-oriented Technology Research Advancement Institution, Japan.

70We are establishing milling methods and cooking procedures suitable for swallowing adjusted food, investigating physical characteristics, and conducting clinical trials.

National Center for Global Health and Medicine​
Texture analysis at National Agriculture and Food Research Organization.​
Milling trial at Zushikokufun milling company.​
Rice experimental field at NARO in the harvest season.​
Cooking trial at Ryokufuso Hospital.
Properties of rice flour gel​

This research was supported by the research program on development of innovative technology grants from the Project of the Bio-oriented Technology Research Advancement Institution (BRAIN).