JAS- Japanese third-party certification Body for non-gluten rice flour

A business operator that meets these standard can use JAS certification.

In Japan, the “JAS (JAPANESE AGRICULTURAL STANDARD )Production process management for non-gluten rice flour” started in October 2020 so that business operators can demonstrate their ability to control gluten content to less than 1 ppm in business transactions.

Business operators that have obtained this certification  are verified by Japanese third-party certification Body that they are producing non-gluten rice flour in compliance with the following requirements:

  • Control the gluten content of rice flour to less than 1ppm
  • Regularly verify whether the management method is appropriate
  • In addition, provisions of standards for facilities and equipment, employee education and training, etc.

With JAS certification, business operators can prove their high standard production process management that the gluten content in rice flour is reduced to less than 1 ppm , and can use the JAS Mark on their website, business cards, pamphlets and other publications.