The Gluten-Free Recipe Starter Kit For Your Healthy Life

non gluten recipe starter kit

The Non Gluten Recipe Starter Kit

If you want to start yourself with some healthy recipes, then a non gluten recipe starter kit will be the ultimate solution for you.

Gluten-free products have become tremendously popular in recent years, and everyday we see more and more creative foods to accommodate those who have Celiac’s disease, gluten sensitivities, or just generally want a healthier diet.

Non-gluten Japanese rice flour offers an even safer alternative as it contains even less gluten compared to gluten-free labeled foods. More specifically, non-gluten rice flour undergoes a stricter criteria of inspection containing less than 1 ppm of gluten while gluten-free foods contain less than 20 ppm.

Japanese Rice Flour

Japanese rice flour is also very flexible and most of your favorite dishes can be adapted with the easy 3-category rice flour types: 1 for cake and cooking, 2 for bread, and 3 for noodles. The cooking possibilities with rice flour are truly endless, and you certainly will never have to sacrifice taste for health.

Below is the ultimate starter kit of classic recipes to kick-start your non-gluten adventure. Get to the kitchen and happy cooking!

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