What Can I Make with Japanese Non-Gluten Rice Flour?


What Can I Make with Japanese Non-Gluten Rice Flour?


Over the past few years, there has been a sharp rise in the popularity of non-gluten and gluten-free products. Shoppers with Celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity, along with those who are simply looking to enjoy a healthier diet, are swapping out common foods for options with far less gluten – including Japanese non-gluten rice flour.

Non-Gluten Rice Flour and Your Food

For people with gluten sensitivity or Celiac disease, consuming gluten can lead to some unfortunate side effects. This protein can cause bloating, constipation, headaches, and a number of other uncomfortable symptoms, so it should be no surprise that these individuals seek to avoid gluten as much as possible.

Of course, avoiding gluten is not always an easy feat; this protein is present in most products that use barley, wheat, and rye, including breads, pasta, cereals, and even beer. How can people avoid consuming gluten in their everyday diets? One simple way is to use gluten-free or non-gluten varieties of their favorite foodstuff.

One of the best products for people following a gluten-free diet is non-gluten Japanese rice flour. This flour adheres to the strictest standards for gluten content, which makes it one of the safest options for people with a gluten sensitivity. Additionally, rice flour contains nine amino acids (with an amino acid score of 65%), making it a great source of protein.

Non-Gluten Non-Gluten Salmon Croquettes

Recipes with Non-Gluten Rice Flour

Non-gluten Japanese rice flour may be great for gluten-free diets, and it may be chocked full of amino acids, but many people who see it on their store shelves have one big question: how am I supposed to use this? In fact, you can incorporate non-gluten rice flour into a wide range of recipes, much in the same way you would use all-purpose or wheat flour.

You can use non-gluten rice flour to make a variety of different breads, from American-style brioche to bagels. You can even make tasty non-gluten crackers with Japanese rice flour! These recipes will yield the same delicious bread products that so many people love, with one major improvement – no gluten.

Of course, gluten doesn’t solely appear in bread products. It’s also a common fixture in many meals that use flour, from pasta to soup. Luckily, non-gluten Japanese rice flour can be an excellent substitute in many of these popular dishes. Use it instead of breadcrumbs to make tofu steaks or salmon croquettes. Mix it into soups as a non-gluten thickening agent. You can even make homemade psta with non-gluten rice flour for a cooking project that’s both fun and delicious.

Cinnamon Pumpkin Cheesecake

Finally, Japanese non-gluten rice flour is a great substitute ingredient for many dessert recipes. Whether you’re trying to finish your dinner with a bowl of apple crisp, celebrating a special occasion with a slice of pumpkin cheesecake, or satisfying your sweet tooth at breakfast with a delicious donut, non-gluten rice flour will help make your desserts healthier than ever (but even more tasty).

Before making any diet change, including adopting a non-gluten diet, please remember to first consult with a medical professional.

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