What is Non-Gluten

non gluten japanese riceflour

What is Non-Gluten

non gluten japanese riceflour

In the United States and Europe, there has been a growing popularity of “gluten-free” food items, catered to those with Celiac’s disease or a sensitivity to the gluten protein in wheat, barley, and rye. The “non-gluten” label identifies products with a stricter criteria of 1ppm or less of gluten content, while “gluten-free” products have a standard of only 20ppm or less.


Japanese rice flour (or rice powder) is one of the non-gluten products that undergoes the stricter gluten content inspection and is accredited through a third-party certification system. Accredited rice flour will have an official “non-gluten” label from the Japanese Rice Flour Association. The lower level of gluten content in Japanese rice flour makes it a more secure alternative for those on a gluten-free diet.


Products Using Non-Gluten Rice Flour Certification Logo Mark

Mitake Food Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

(Toda City, Saitama Prefecture)

Sai No Kagayaki Rice flour


NETIN Co., Ltd.

(Tabuse Town, Yamaguchi Prefecture)

Yanokuni Innocent rice flour
500g, 1kg, 10kb, 20kg bags


Freggu Syokuhin Co., Ltd.

(Eiheiji Town, Fukui Prefecture)

Brown rice flour
for pasta


Updated on December 11, 2018

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