What is Non-Gluten

In the United States and Europe, there has been a growing popularity of “gluten-free” food items, catered to those with Celiac’s disease or a sensitivity to the gluten protein in wheat, barley, and rye. The “non-gluten” label identifies products with a stricter criteria of 1ppm or less of gluten content, while “gluten-free” products have a standard of only 20ppm or less.

How to Use Rice Flour

Cooking with rice flour (also rice powder) can often be tricky if you aren’t familiar with the various types of rice flour and how each one has a slightly different charactersitc when used. Don’t worry!

Introducing Japanese Gluten-Free Rice Flour

Rice flour (also rice powder) is simply the powder created from ground up Japanese rice. For centuries, this rice flour has traditionally been used for Japanese sweets, “Wagashi,” and rice crackers, “Senbei.” As younger generations have transitioned to a diet of less rice consumption, new advanced flour milling technology has repurposed the surplus of rice into a versatile rice flour ideal for the substitution of wheat, and even other gluten-free products.

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